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DIY giant check knit hat pattern

the instructions y'all wanted, and hopefully can use!


9 mm loop needles

yarn (mine is size 7-9)



start with 60 stitches on the loop

knit 5 rounds in one colour to make the brim

to get the check going add a second yarn and knit 5 stitches with pink (in this case)

when you change to green again make sure the yarn at the inside of the hat is long enough to prevent it from crunching up

so you basically change yarn every 5 stitches and let the 'unused' one follow along at the inside

once 5 rows of check are done, to change to color pattern just do 5 more of the last row, so in this case 5 green to finish up the last green check, and then 5 green on top of the pink check to start a new square and color pattern

( at this point you're at 5 rounds of just green for the roll up brim and then 5 rounds of check plus now the start of the 6th row changing the color pattern)

do 5 rounds of the second check row and change color again

again closing the 15th row with the last 5 stitches of pink and then doing the 5 first stitches of the 16th row in pink as well to change color pattern

depending on how big you want the hat do 3 or 4 squares in height (5 rows brim plus 15 or 20 rounds plus another 5 rounds to close up the hat)

the closing part

to close up the hat do one full round just as before in check

next round you gonna slip off one stitch of each check

knit the first two stitches as usual

take your left needle and stick in into the first stitch

loop it over the second stitch on the needle

this way you're reducing the number of stitches per check with every round, so this round every check is 4 stitches

knit the whole round like this and keep binding off one stitch per round in the following

next round you're left with 3 stitches per check

the more stitches you bind off the harder it is to still knit on the loop, so I like to use some extra needles

this is with two stitches per check left

knit until you're left with just one stitch per check

once you're at one stitch per check you should be left with 12 stitches

cut both of your yarns leaving a bit extra

take your needle and feed both of the yarn strands though

feed the needle through the last stitches (just where the knitting needle sits)

feed it round wise, same direction you have been knitting

pull your needles out and pull your yarn tight

you should be left with something like a yarn doughnut

feed your needle through the middle to get inside of the hat

sew the ends into the hat - and you're done


60 stitches on a 9mm loop

5 rounds brim

15-20 rounds checked ( stitches alternating color)

5 rounds slipping one stitch per check off every row until left with one stitch per check

total of 25-30 rounds wit brim and closing rounds


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