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DIY wonky mirror

basically my first ever diy post moved from the old blog over here

What you need:

relatively thin wood ( has to be a little bigger than your mirror,

you can use 5mm mdf as well)

frameless mirror



sand paper

really strong glue (for ex epoxy based)



Wood options:

“you can easily switch out ply wood with MDF it has lower tendencies to crack and is way cheaper”

Get started

first step: lay the mirror down on your piece of wood (mine is leftover from another mirror, that's why its already half way wavy)

mark where your mirror sits really visible to have a guidance line for your outer and inner frame

find your outer and inner shape

make sure the inner line is a good bit away from the outer edge of the mirror so there is a good bit of the wood touching the mirror (that's where its scribbled)

later on you will put glue on the scribbled parts

Jig saw time!

"to prevent your wood from 'fraying' get a clean cut blade and put the'good side' aka the front facing down"

cut out the outer shape

“secrets to woodworking: know your hacks and take your time

for the inner shape: drill a few holes into the wood, a bit away from where the line of your frame shape is

make enough holes so you can fit the blade of your saw in,

cut the inner part out

you basically should have a frame now


sand down your raw edges and the surface if you want to

prime & paint

prime and paint the front of your frame, the backside should at least be painted around the inner edge, the mirror will reflect half a centimetre of the back, so make sure you paint these to get a pretty outcome over all

paint & let dry over night


depending on the size of your mirror you need to switch to different strengths of glue.

I made the first ones using strong wood glue, and they were kinda sturdy, but if you plan on hanging the mirror on the frame or you have a sort of heavy thick glass mirror I would recommend using 2 component glue on epoxy resin base, to make sure its stable.

don't put too much glue, especially not too close to the inner corner, it will squeeze out onto the mirror glass

glue your mirror on keeping it inside your markings

Press the glue

put heavy things on the edges of the mirror to make the glue bond extra secure, let dry at least for 24 hours

And to celebrate a few snaps from all kinda style variations I made ....


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