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cardi knit patterns

just because I was bored and sick.


for both of them I used a 12 mm needle / loop for most parts

a 6 or 9 mm needle for the ribbed parts

a 9 mm crochet hook to sew (crochet) the pieces together

a needle


this is the wool I used for all of them, I used a 12 mm needle to get a super loose knit

so you basically knit the sleeves open as rectangles 50 rows long, 10 rows in each colour. once you have your 50 rows long sleeve, insert the 6mm needle in your first row to make the ribbed part. knit one right and one left stitch alternating, 15 rows.

so thats how I make the ribbed part, when you pick up the stitches onto a smaller needle, go in every right leg of the v that one stitch is creating.

to close the sleeves I crochet the open sides together, take a kinda big hook to have a bit of stretch in your crochet as well.

use matching yarn, other wise you will be able to see the crochet stitches from the front

for the ribbed part I just used a needle

the whole cardi is just rectangles, sew the shoulder seams together having the fronts meet in the middle.

sew the sleeves in ( I ran outta green so I had to use grey) this is also with a crochet hook, I just pick up one stitch from every side (one fron the sleeve and one from the torso part and pull a loop with the crochet hook to join them)

once the sleeve is in close the side seam

thats the stitches peaking through if you use another colour to sew pieces together, you can use it on purpose to create a cool effect, I just had to.

this one I knitted in a loop until I reached the upper third, then I slit it in half and knitted every side individually to have holes for the arms.

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Hi, I'm really in love with these two pieces! Do you remember, how many balls of wool you've needed for the cardigan?

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