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diy wax sheet candle decoration

Just as easy as peeling a sticker


wax sheets


craft knife or a needle

cutting mat

ruler & tape

checked candles

tape your wax sheet onto the cutting mat to prevent it from sliding around while you cut

measure your desired size of check (I went with 1 cm) and cut strips lengthwise

the wax can be sticky and probably will stick to your ruler, but it should peel off kinda easy

once you have a few strips align them and tape them onto the mat.

cut the strips into little squares

start at the top of the candle and press the wax onto the candle, it should stick with the help of your body temperature.

I like to keep the protection film on, so nothing sticks to it while working on the candle

you can mix different sizes of rectangles and squares

run the tip of a knife or needle underneath the protection file to peel it off

wavy candles

cut shapes from your wax sheets

you can use the shapes itself and the leftover to decorate the candles

these ones are wrapped in leftover cuttings from making blob shapes

for the advent candle I cut organic strips and blobs and layered them

just go wild and try what comes to your mind!

art candles

print an artwork thats kinda easy shaped, ideally something like cut outs. these ones are matisse.

cut out the shapes

put them on a wax sheet and run a needle around them.

you can try a knife as well but I felt a needle was easiest

peel off the shapes and put the piece back together, press the pieces on.

wax sheet options (amazon affiliate)

sorry in advance if you can't source them from where you live, but I bet you can go on recommended products or type in wax sheet candle decor etc ... I'm trying - but unfortunately I can't cover every location


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